The Guide to Building Your Dream Life


Unleash Your Creative Spirit – The Guide to Building Your Dream Life helps you tap into your Creative Spirit and through practical & inspirational exercises lovingly guides you to start living your dream life.

The back of the book reads:

It does not matter if you are new to personal development or if you are a veteran; this book could become your life’s guiding star!

In Unleash Your Creative Spirit, Carolina Gårdheim helps you in a practical, encouraging, and loving way to find and develop the two most important things you possess: your unique Self and your true expression.

This beautiful, uplifting book is filled with wisdom, inspiration, and compassion, as well as plenty of simple yet effective exercises and hands-on tips for making better use of your most powerful resource – your Creative Spirit – so that you can start living your dream life.

Simply by reading the book, your life will take a more positive direction and if you do the suggested exercises, both small and big miracles will happen.

Do you long to feel a deep sense of trust that everything in your life is unfolding as it should? Do you desire more happiness, success, creativity and love? Then this book is for you.

Paper back. Size: 15,1 x 23 x 1,6 cm. Black and white images.

Author: Carolina Gårdheim.
Photo: Anja Callius.
Printing House: Balboa Press.

ISBN 978-1-5043-6009-8